Welcome - This is the db magone football club website

DB MAGONE Football Club is an organization anchored on the spirituality, values, vision and mission of the "DA MIHI ANIMAS COETERE TOLLE" of St. John Bosco in his contagious passion to make of the young, specially those who are poorer, Good Christians and Honest Citizens, PRO DEO et PATRIA.

The team was founded on May 24, 2004 at Don Bosco College Cebu. It is a member-affiliate to the Cebu Football Association. The basic reason for the creation of the team is to make a  community based homegrown talents in football in the area around Don Bosco and in Cebu as a whole in order to promote,enjoy and excel in the game of football, create scholarship opportunities for promising players and to have good influence in the lives of the young specially the least privileged. 

The Logo of the team is Oval to signify creativity and imperfection. The 5 stars signify 1. Passion and Love for the Game,2.  Loyalty to the Club and its Goals, 3. Quest  for Perfection and excellence which is the core value of the Club,                4. Courage to overcome difficulties in the quest towards perfection derived from the motto of Don Bosco Technology Center "Ardua non Timeo" and 5. Camaraderie and Harmony- respecting and enjoying each others company, working together in harmony despite our individuality to create the vital 12th man.

VADO ad VIRTUS "in pursuit of perfection and excellence" is the Motto of DB Magone FC.